Astaroth 104

Astaroth – Photo-shooting 1986

Astaroth was formed in Rome in 1982 by a group of teens who shared their love for heavy metal in a city where metal was a complete stranger.

They crafted a sound of their own and started performing live in front of a growing crowd of headbangers. Feeling close ties to the history of their hometown Astaroth adopted the look of Ancient Rome and their shows became a theatrical re-enactment of a glorious past. Their stage was filled with temple pillars and flaming braziers and the band dressed as centurions, gladiators and emperors.

Within a couple of years they had recorded a few demo tapes and received many rave reviews all across Europe.
In 1984 the Dutch label Rave-on Records signed the band and “The Long Loud Silence” EP was released. It remains an underground classic.

started touring Europe, and back home they “occupied” an abandoned country farm in Tarquinia just outside of Rome, where they set up their musical home and started writing and practicing for their next album.

Once Rave-on Records was sold to Roadrunner and their roster was dropped, Astaroth started traveling to Milan, France and Germany auditioning for a new record deal.
After an opportunity fell through in Germany, the band decided to take a daring chance overseas and after working as roadies for two years in Italy they saved enough money to purchase a one-way ticket to Los Angeles.

Astaroth arrived in LA in late 1987 and found a scene that was strongly leaning towards hair-metal. The band struggled to find a public interested in their brand of intricate speed metal.
After several Hollywood gigs and every attempt to gain a local following, the band, faced with many hardships, broke-up in 1988 and their second album never saw the light of day
Bob went back to Rome, Saverio, Max and Jan remained in the USA but lost track of each other, each pursuing his own musical career.